12 May 2008

Ugly Malaysians

While on the way to the university today I saw the most disgusting thing ever - the driver beside me spitted on the road, not once or twice but almost every three or four seconds! He must have a lot of saliva in his disgusting mouth to do that and doing it on the roadside at a traffic light junction is really the pits. Malaysians are so so horribly unhygienic where this is concerned and he was a young man. Don't they give lessons in hygiene anymore at school?
Thinking of this reminds me of schooldays when I was in Malacca. During ramadan many of the Malay girls would spit into the drains to avoid swallowing their saliva, out of the false idea that we can't even swallow our own saliva. When Mrs Rajendran the Principal saw one girl doing it with her own eyes, she called the girl in question in such an icy voice, we all quaked in our shoes. The next morning a special assembly was called and she gave all of us a lambasting about hygiene and cleanliness being next to Godliness. That was one assembly I would not forget in a hurry. She was so incisive and derisive I felt raw afterwards but what I noticed was that many of the Malay girls did not feel the same way. They felt that she was being insensitive and cruel and anti malay. I just could not understand their attitude. Even these days I find that many malays still have this 'frog under the coconut shell' mentality - a closed mind that does not want to see the other side of the argument.
Anyway back to the saliva spitting road fiend - he wasn't malay. But what he was or was not is not important here. I just wish we as malaysians would be more considerate of others, more conscientious in keeping our environment clean and more honest.

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