11 Nov 2007


We're finally off to Egypt - the trip I've been waiting for. We're travelling business class - wow! First stop was Dubai and we arrived there very early in the morning. I think we checked into the hotel - Taj Dubai at about 6.30 am. Since we had half a day in Dubai, we decided not to waste time but to go out sight seeing immediately. So after checking in we quickly changed and went off. First to see was the Burj Al Arab - a tall and stately structure that stands out in the horizon. Dubai is so modern - and souless. Everything is new and squeeky clean - you cant see anything older than 10 years anywhere in sight! Even the cars are large, modern and √Āmerican. In fact I think many parts of the city look like some parts of LA - the nicer parts. There is a lot of construction going on - never have I seen so many new construction sites and cranes as in this place. But you can't deny that it is beautiful - manicured lawns - looking so green you can't believe that this was once a desert. Somehow though I feel it lacks something - character. But the place is shiny and dazzling - like a beautiful new toy belonging to a rich child.

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