16 Nov 2007

Nile Cruise, Egypt

It was early the next morning that we flew to Aswan. Flight was at 5.30 am so we had to be at the airport by 3.00 am! By 2.00 in the morning we were all ready at the lobby, some looking perky and fresh but some like En Omar, looking as if he had just gotten up from bed. There was a belly dancing show going on upstairs so Prof Shaari and myself decided to go up and take a look. Hmm... very sexy. Wish I had a camera but Repin was carrying it.
Sayeed again took us to the airport, driving as if there was a demon on his tail - through the silent Cairo streets. It was such a nice change from the usual noise and crowd that I quite enjoyed looking at the houses as he wheezed by.
The flight was on time and we all piled on to the plane. Not small as I had envisioned - a 737 A300. And it was quite full too. I saw that most of the conference delegates were also there, which meant that we were not the only ones going. Slept for a bit on the plane but woke up just before sunrise to see a pearly dawn touching the eastern sky. Far below I can see the Nile snaking along, green on both sides but just beyond that the relentless desert creeps along.
Just before we landed I can see a huge lake, so large it looked like a sea. I guess that must be the Aswan Dam.

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