16 Aug 2004

Taking a break with the Dunnings

Cameron Highland August 2004
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Ye Olde Smokehouse Inn in Cameron HIghlands  August 2004

Dreaming again outside Ye Olde Smoke house. Built during the colonial era, Ye Olde Smokehouse is a hotel that has a lot of ambiance. Its typically Tudor architecture sets it in a class of its own and as can be seen here it looks so typically English one wonders whether the picture is taken in England rather than here in Malaysia. We're on holiday with the Dunnings and since Deb had not been to the Camerons before we decided to take them there. The hotel, which was very pleasant was Rosa Pasadena. I know the name sounds very cliched but it was a good hotel - clean and pleasant rooms overlooking the golf course. I think it used to be the Golf course Hotel or something like that. When I was at the Textbooks  Bureau we spent one week here, having a workshop. There were stories of "sightings" and even of someone being moved from one room to another. I don't know how far this is true but it was rather scary at the time.The hotel has changed its image completely now. It's brighter definitely and although there are no roses, there are lots of other flowers all over the place.

We had a restful evening, sipping tea and scones at the terrace of the hotel which overlooked the golf course. Then in the evening we all walked down to the town centre and bought souvenirs. The next day was spent driving to the garden centres, visiting the Boh Tea Estate and another walk to the town. All in all - a really relaxing and delightful break for all of us.

Holidaying in the Camerons with Deb and Jeremy

View from our hotel window
Deb and Jeremy infront of Ye Olde Smokehouse

Jeremy Dunning

Deborah infront of Chinese Temple

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