12 Apr 2008

Class at IPB

Its already the 5th week of my English class - the time really flies, I don't know where it went. I think I have fallen in love with my students - they are really so lovable and even the naughty boys are polite. I think they're naughty because of their high spirits rather than anything else. Aliff has come finally and he is not bad looking. He's one of the naughty ones and I doubt if he was sick the first two weeks that he was absent. The girls are all so pretty and sweet. And they try so hard to improve I never have the heart to scold them if they make a mistake. Especially Nadia Aishah, the prettiest girl in the class and the one most vocal. Why is it that normally the pretty girls are the ones who have the most self confidence? She isnt really that good in the language but she speaks confidently and fluently, if not correctly. She makes mistakes in pronunciation and sometimes even in her sentence structures, but I like her because she tries very hard.
What I really enjoy about them is their enthusiasm - they are always so motivated and given a task will do it with so much enthusiasm the time just flies and before I know it, the class is over. We had Language for meetings last Thursday - and we had a simulation meeting and they showed that they can handle meetings; its just that they make mistakes in grammar! How can I help them improve in 4 weeks? At 4 hours a week? How I wish we have more time, then I'm sure they will improve.
The girls are also so polite - after every class they will come and kiss my hand in the normal salaam of the good Muslim. Even my own children don't kiss my hands except at Idil Fitri.

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