5 Apr 2008


Saturday - went with Rizal and Pohling to see the cats at the quarantine area. Pixel was happy to see them but poor Trixie was so traumatised she had to be persuaded to come out of the cage. We spent about half an hour there and then went to Bugis Junction because Rizal wanted to get some pots which were going on sale at BHG. They had some nice things there but we didnt really have time and it was way past Sophie's dinner time so we went to have dinner at Clarke Quay.
I really love the ambiance of the place -the Singaporeans really know how to utilise their assets. This was at the Singapore river, and there were colourful river taxis chugging away on their clean river. Restaurants lined both sides of the quay, some with traditional (Nyonya) themes and some ultra mod, whilst some looked like European cafes with outdoor seating. The place was lively and bustling with people from all walks of life and countries. There were any number of Europeans as well as well-to-do Indonesians, Japanese, Chinese from Hong Kong and Koreans as well as Indians. Quite a lot of Europeans I think from the languages I heard.
Baby was very good through out our dinner. She was loud at times - shouting her inimitable EHMMM but on the whole she played quietly with the bread we gave her or the plastic hanky she kept throwing down on the floor. She's really so cute and charming even with strangers, with her toothy grin that breaks out every now and then when you talk to her.
Actually the more I see of Singapore the more I love this little city state. In the train for example, I love their sensitivity to all the races - there are signs in all 4 languages in the trains and even the announcements are made in all four languages - English, Chinese, Tamil and Malay! And we in Malaysia boast so much of being multi racial. I think we can't say we are truly multi racial because we have only two languages, if that, on most of our public transport. Most of the signs in Malaysia are only in Malay. Its as if we are denying that there are other races in our country! No wonder BN lost or nearly lost in the last elections! I think most Malaysians are so fed up of the system, even the educated Malays. We keep waiting for the government to be more equitable, not just in the economy but also in most things, but especially in the education system. I know its high time we got rid of the stupid quota system! My generation never went through a quota system - we worked our way up, the best person gets the scholarship or the university place and we managed! Maybe at one time the Malays needed the boost, but I think its high time the Malays realise that they have to help themselves. I think ,many do nowadays which is why BN lost mainly in the town areas - to PKR.
Oh well... I hope things will change for the better but I have not much faith in our political system anymore. Even with the change in political party the mentality is the same. To change , there should be a paradigm shift, a total change in our outlook and attitude towards the race issue and towards the future of Malaysia. We have to learn to trust each other and ourselves too.

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