1 May 2005

Bali, Indonesia

On 30th April we went to bali with the whole family. Rizal was supposed to join us but cancelled at the last minute.
Even Mother came with us so its the whole family (minus Rizal). Ton, Ain and mak long would be coming later. We arrived in the afternoon - around 1pm and the car from Tegal Sari was already there. We'd be staying in Ubud at this little place called Tegal Sari. Rizal stayed here before and he said it was lovely. He's right.
It is lovely - a tiny oasis in a sea of green. Tegal Sari is just outside Ubud and is made up of bungalows set amid green padi fields. It's peaceful and calm atmosphere gives it a really restful feel. Our bungalow is the furthest away. Mak shared a bungalow with the girls and Wan and Ain shared another one. Our room is really fantastic - the padi field is all around us. The room itself is not big but it has a small sitting room, an ensuite bathroom and shower stall and a verandah for us to sit in the evenings. I could stay here forever! We don't even feel like going out once we are here - you just want to sit on the deck chair and look at the padi field, the blue skies and fall asleep.
Suprisingly even the girls love it here. They like their room which has a jacuzzi and is very spacious. After checking in they went for a swim at the pool, then late in the evening we all took a walk to Ubud, a short distance away for a meal of pizza at a place called Pizza Bagus!
Ubud is rather quaint. Its streets are narrow, the shops are all single story bungalows and quite small after the huge malls we are used to. But the goods are elegantly arranged and cheap too, which rather surprised me because seeing as there are so many foreign tourists here I thought they would surely hike up the price of goods. There are no bookshops however. We bought some lovely cotton blouses - I got a pink, Sarah a red blouse and Shasha a blue one.

20 Apr 2005


I never realised how addicting blogging really is. Once I'm at the computer typing away or reading someone's blog, time does not exist anymore. Now I know how Repin feels when he is staring at his palm top or whatever. I get mad when he does it but now I have the computer all to myself - since Sara is busy watching tv and Shasha is in KL I can't seem to stop. It's kind of like having a journal, only its online. And if you're clever you can add all kinds of stuff to your jottings. I call mine jottings because that's what they are really - nothing organised. Just a mish mash of thoughts...
And to think when Sara first proposed I get my own blog I was so hesitant. Now I feel great.. putting in writing my thoughts, my opinions and ideas. Maybe its not as great as some of the other blogs I've seen and I don't always have time to sit and type away but its a marvellous way to pass some time, instead of reading a book or watch television.
I always loved to write and blogging gives me the outlet. How I wish we have internet in Melati though.

11 Jan 2005

Mount Fuji

Lake Hakone

At the second station, Mt Fuji

On 5th January 2005, we went to Tokyo - my two girls and I. Repin was already there attending a meeting so we took a flight - which had been all arranged by Dira -and flew to Japan. This is our first trip there, the overnight transit in Narita way back in 1984 not counted. Anyway we arrived late in the evening - around 6pm. After buying tickets for Sunshine City we waited for the bus outside the airport and it came about half an hour later. Our hotel is in Sunshine City. Repin would be waiting for us there. It was a fairly long journey - almost an hour I think, to reach the place. The bus stopped directly in front of the hotel which is good because our bags were quite heavy and we were all tired. It was almost eight now and after checking in we went out for a small meal.
Plenty of time tomorrow for checking out the place. Sarah and Sasha are sharing a room which is next to ours.

10 Jan 2005

Japan, Tokyo


With Sara and Shasha at Asakusa

In Tokyo on 8 January 2005

We went to Tokyo in January - still winter. Lovely

8 Jan 2005

Third day in Tokyo

Oeno Park in Tokyo is simply delightful. Granted its winter and the trees are bare, the lake is covered with brownish reeds, and there are no flowers anywhere. However its still beautiful. There is a kind of serenity and quietness that calms and relaxes. We walked all around the lake, crossed the quaint little bridge and had tea in a cozy little tea house beside the lake. It was cold, in spite of the fact there is a watery sun. We had a lot of fun feeding the ducks here and Repin took a picture of a funny looking building - it looked like a robot!

A picture file of Tokyo, Japan

Feeding ducks at Oeno park

My girls in front of tour bus

Fujiyama in a distance

7 Jan 2005

Picture file of Tokyo

Punks at Harajuku Standing infront of tour bus Fujiyama

6 Jan 2005


The next day we took the train to Asakusa, a lovely place where we can buy all kinds of traditional craft as souvenirs. Its also a shrine. The entrance to the shrine is this huge lantern like structure - in fact it is a genuine lantern I think. The shrine itself is further in. There are rows of little shops on both sides - mostly selling traditinal Japanese craft. We bought lots of fans, little trinket boxes, bevelled mirrors, pictures and so on to give as souvenirs. The place is bustling with people, both tourists and locals. The weather is cool with a slight breeze - perfect weather for a little walk. After visiting the temple and taking pictures we walked to the park, which is about 200 metres away from the shopping area. It is a large park. Outside there is a statue of a hunter and his dog, beautifully carved in bronze. The story is that the hunter died and after his burial, his dog refused to leave his grave and sat there waiting for his master to come back to him. Since the master was dead, the dog waitied for a long time and finally died of a broken heart. The story was sad and touched our heartstrings. If man can be as faithful, life would be easier I think.

The park would be lovely in the spring I think. I hope to be able to visit Japan in Spring one day - I'll come back to the park and see the cherry blossoms bloom.