11 Jan 2005

Mount Fuji

Lake Hakone

At the second station, Mt Fuji

On 5th January 2005, we went to Tokyo - my two girls and I. Repin was already there attending a meeting so we took a flight - which had been all arranged by Dira -and flew to Japan. This is our first trip there, the overnight transit in Narita way back in 1984 not counted. Anyway we arrived late in the evening - around 6pm. After buying tickets for Sunshine City we waited for the bus outside the airport and it came about half an hour later. Our hotel is in Sunshine City. Repin would be waiting for us there. It was a fairly long journey - almost an hour I think, to reach the place. The bus stopped directly in front of the hotel which is good because our bags were quite heavy and we were all tired. It was almost eight now and after checking in we went out for a small meal.
Plenty of time tomorrow for checking out the place. Sarah and Sasha are sharing a room which is next to ours.

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