31 Aug 2012

Popular Book Fest

Last weekend I managed to visit the Popular book fest at the KL Convention centre in spite of thinking that I'd miss it and this is my loot! In actual fact I bought quite a number of children's books - gifts for Family Day in December but I also managed to get in some of my particular favourites. As you can see I have more than one YA books in my collection - something I'm beginnning to realise I enjoy reading, especially the ones  with paranormal themes. One good example is Switched by Amanda Hocking which tells the story of Wendy, a young Trylle princess who had lived all her life thinking she was different but never knowing why until she finds out that she was not even human and that she had been switched at birth to live with humans. 
The funny thing is I've always been fascinated by stories of fairies and anything magical and at the book fest I got all three books - the sequels being Torn and finally Ascend, the last in the series. Hopefully this will keep me entertained for some time.

I've never read Cathy Kelly before but since the books were too cheap to resist I decided to get them and try to read them later. But I did manage to find one Mary Balogh and one Georgette Heyer, both of which were way way  below the normal price.  The Georgette Heyer was only RM14.90, which was a real bargain because normally her books cost more than RM40. I got the Terry Prachett also at a big discount and felt good about it. And biggest find of all are the Mr Men books which I used to read to Rizal when he was two! I'll keep that for Wan's children later.

24 Aug 2012

Eid Fitri festivities

My brother and nephews Ainal and Iskandar
Its been some time since I last wrote - middle of Ramadan I think. Now its already oneweek after Eidul Fitr and yet people are still inviting us for open house and all. Our "Open house" as usual was on the first day of Shawal and as usual the house was "invaded" by all my brothers and sisters as well as relatives and friends. Also for the second time in a long while Sarah my youngest is with us. No more trips back to Russia for her classes, although she says she misses Russia and its winters!

Sarah and Sophie on Eid morning

Family photo taken on Eid morning August 2012
This past week I've eaten more than I normally would - what with invitations for open house at all my siblings' houses and visiting friends too. Tomorrow I will go up to KL to the Kelang lama house with Repin and then there's a wedding to attend and Maziyan's house too. More food...