24 Aug 2012

Eid Fitri festivities

My brother and nephews Ainal and Iskandar
Its been some time since I last wrote - middle of Ramadan I think. Now its already oneweek after Eidul Fitr and yet people are still inviting us for open house and all. Our "Open house" as usual was on the first day of Shawal and as usual the house was "invaded" by all my brothers and sisters as well as relatives and friends. Also for the second time in a long while Sarah my youngest is with us. No more trips back to Russia for her classes, although she says she misses Russia and its winters!

Sarah and Sophie on Eid morning

Family photo taken on Eid morning August 2012
This past week I've eaten more than I normally would - what with invitations for open house at all my siblings' houses and visiting friends too. Tomorrow I will go up to KL to the Kelang lama house with Repin and then there's a wedding to attend and Maziyan's house too. More food...


Gattina said...

Missing winter ? Couldn't happen to me. We have quiet a lot of Morocans in Brussels and the end of the Ramadan was a big fest !

naida said...

Happy Eid Kat! It sounds like a nice time with your family and some good food.