25 Jul 2012


Its already 5 days of fasting - time really flies and before we know it, Ramadan will be over and it's already Syawal and Eid. But this year I'm spending all or almost all my Ramadan days in Malacca - so I can easily go over for Taraweeh prayers.
Its a bit lonely though this year because Repin is in KL and I am in Malacca accompanying  my youngest daughter, who has been posted as a houseman at our General Hospital. I wonder about him and worry that he is not eating well and healthily but he says its only for another 9 months. Its the longest 9 months I've ever experienced though.
Yesterday we had a very simple iftar - just rice and some chicken curry and tom yam soup ( a Thai dish). Sarah loved it though. I  went to the Ramadan bazaar hoping to find something delicious to add to our meal but everything looked the same - sweet cakes, fried chicken, grilled fish and all kinds of sweet desserts. I dared not buy anything though because the other day we felt cheated. I had bought some popiah or spring rolls to add to our iftar feast but when it was time to eat them we found that all the vegetables were totally raw! How to eat? We just threw them away and I vowed I would be more careful selecting the food next time I buy at the bazaar.

We didn't get to eat sahur last night! Both Yatie, my maid and I didnt wake up. I don't know why. I was so tired - though I truly didn't do much work - and forgot to put on the alarm. We all woke up at 5.30 am - no time to eat but  did manage a drink of plain water and take my meds. I surely will not forget to put on the alarm next time!


♥●• İzdihër •●♥ said...

Hope you have blesses Ramadan this year.

Merle said...

Dear Kat ~~ Thank you so much for your sympathy on the death of my brother in law. I have felt this death quite badly as we were always friends had we had to wait 10 days before the funeral. That was yesterday, and I am glad that it is over and visitors all gone, so now we can get back to normal.
Glad you enjoyed the jokes etc in my post with "Mom's Licence". Take great care my friend,Love, Merle.

Gattina said...

I am actually on holidays in the South of England, to your comment on my blog, I just wanted to show how tourists behave in other countries, they would never go half naked in their church. I mean every culture or religion should be respected !
It makes me angry when people knowing that we will visit a mosque dress as if they go to a beach !

Amin said...

Salam Aleykum! Mubarek!

Gattina said...

Our gardner does also the Ramadan, I pity him because he is not allowed to drink and garden work is quiet hard when it's warm. On the other hand I admire him for that !

♥●• İzdihër •●♥ said...

Just came to say Aselam alikum
can you believe it's 22nd Ramadan today. Huh ! Days are passing real fast.
Hope you doing great.