29 Jul 2011

Back to normal

Well Sarah has been back for almost 2 weeks now and things have settled down somewhat . Bear bear her large British short hair is also back at home still trying to get used to a house full of other felines! He is so used to being alone with Sara that he is still a little confused - what with the different climate and all. But he seems to be settling down a bit, and is getting used to seeing other people around , besides his owner.But he is cute though quite big sized - he looks like a small dog! We will need to take him to the vet one of these days,just to register him, but I felt it important to let him absorb his surroundings first and get used to the different environment.

A lot of things have happened since I last wrote - some sad and some good. First of all last week on Thursday Emma's mum passed away. Emma is my new daughter in law who got married to Wan in April this year. We had wanted to wait until July but now I'm glad that we didn't because at least she got to see her youngest daughter married. I still remember her serene look of happiness as she looked at the newly married couple. She and her husband - Mr.Ebrahim even posed on the dais after the wedding - a picture of married bliss. May her soul rest in peace.

On Saturday 23 July we celebrated Sara's return with a small family gathering - all my brothers and sisters as well as Repin's came over for the function and we had a few people from the surau to perform some prayers too. This was a good time for me to show off my new extension - don't really know what to call it - it's too small to call a sitting room and yet it is part of the living room. It kind of brightens up the living room and gives it an added character!

17 Jul 2011

Sarah and Bear Bear return home

Yesterday at 12.15 pm my daughter Sarah arrived home, or rather at KLIA. We had been texting each other since she was in Moscow airport - me because I was concerned about Bear Bear, her cat which she was bringing home to Malaysia finally. A lot of preparation had to be carried out before Bear Bear was actually allowed to come to Malaysia. The Russian authorities were very strict - his vaccinations and other documents had to be in order and he also had to take his anti -rabies shot exactly one month before departure. Then on the Malaysian side we had to get the papers from the Veterinary Department - import permit and so on. So finally the cat was allowed to be taken back here but first he had to undergo the journey - 6 hours by van from Nizhny Novgorod to Moscow, a stop at the Malaysian Embassy to get his permit stamped, then to the airport where there was a wait of another 5 hours before boarding. Bear bear had his own ticket, which costs us RM1200 - he would be in his cage in the plane with Sarah!

According to Sara he was a really good traveller - he was quiet most of the journey,only miawing for food early in the morning just before they were to arrive in Bangkok. In transit he was the centre of attraction - being a big cat (8 kg) and black a few people thought aloud whether Bear Bear was in fact a cat or a small lynx! In fact quite a few took pictures of him on the leash, walking around Bangkok airport.

Then here in KL, he had to be quarantined - luckily for a week - but much to Sara's disappointment because she had heard from a friend that her cat was not quarantined at all!  Anyway after some tears (from Sara) Bear Bear was finally released to the vet and taken to the Quarantine Department, a few kilometres away from the airport.

Of course to day we had to visit him at his quarantine place - and it was quite ok - spacious and airy. There were a few other cats with him (all in their own rooms) some were quite noisy and attention seeking.

Poor Bear Bear in the quarantine place

Bear Bear was quite stressed, judging from the furballs rolling off his back and his very quiet demeanor. In fact at first he wouldnt even acknowledge Sara who felt terribly guilty. We spent half an hour gently petting him and trying to make him relax. Looks like I will be driving to the Veterinary Department every day until he is released. Sara says she must visit him every day!

14 Jul 2011

Jill Mansell's newest book

Ellie and  her husband Jamie seem to have it all - they are desperately in love and married! Jamie is fun, gorgeous and the perfect husband, until fate takes its hand and jamie is killed in an accident on the way to a class gathering. How can Ellie cope, can she cope? She is devastated and at first just goes on from day to day without even knowing whether she has eaten or not. But sooner or later she has to go on living, and she does - she changes job, moved from a louzy apartment to a very nice neighbourhood and gets the perfect boss!
 She definitely doesn’t need a new man, not while she has a certain secret visitor to keep her company...

Ellie's boss, entrepreneur Zack McLaren seems to have it all, but the girl he can’t stop thinking about won’t give him a second glance. Why can’t she pay him the kind of attention she lavishes on Elmo, his time-share dog?
Having moved to an exclusive flat in North London, Ellie becomes friendly with neighbour Roo who’s harbouring a secret of her own. Between them, can both girls sort out their lives? 

This is just the sort of book to lift you out of your doldrums - Jill Mansell's newest certainly does that and more! A funny, yet touching romance with characters that are lively and personable. I enjoyed most of her books and this one is yet another of her romances that are full of humour and humanity. A really good book that you wont be able to put down until you've finished reading it!

I'd recommend it to anybody who enjoys chick lit once in a while and for those who love light romances. 4 out of 5!