9 Mar 2015

A nasty experience with online games

Have you ever had somebody stealing and playing your game? . I'm talking of online games - such as Farm Story, Hay Day etc. These are the two games that I play and have been playing for some time. While playing Farm Story I made a number of good friends from US , The UK and also from China. Even though I have stopped playing Farm Story I still keep in touch with these friends I had made in the game. 

Hay Day is another of these games - it's more challenging and fun especially once you are in a neighbourhood. Apart from actually 'planting, harvesting and making use of our produce' we can chat and enjoy ourselves with the people in our neighbourhood. But one day recently my farm was hijacked and all my produce that I had accumulated  were stolen. It was the scariest moment - like your identity had been stolen. In fact since the game used our FB address, it is stealing our identity. I quickly changed my password but the hacker still could get in. All my coins were used up to buy things which were then transplanted to his farm. How did he manage to do this? It was my own fault - sheer carelessness. He came in the guise of an Fb friend and wanted me to add him as a friend. Like a fool I added him and when he asked me to go to a certain website ( to move to higher levels faster) I did. The website asked for my password and like the gullible fool that I was i filled in the password without a second thought. Immediately however I realised my mistake but it was already too late
. Within seconds he had my password and accessed my farm. In front of my eyes I could see stuff in my barn being put on sale for the minimum  of coins. I felt helpless and angry. I switched off my tablet and proceeded to delete the account. However it was too late because in half an hour he had sold everything I had in my barn- things that had taken me months of playing. And if that is not enough he even passed my farm to some friends of his! I felt violated. I changed all my passwords and even my id. But to no avail. Right now I feel like a fugitive  - running from group to group hoping he cannot find me. 

3 Sep 2014

Going to Kota Bahru, Kelantan

,The next day we started out around 10.00 am, after a leisurely breakfast of nasi lemak, scrambled eggs on toast and some salad at the picturesque beach side restaurant. Wan took some final photos of the surrounding area and then off we went on the way to KB. 

Looking at the map, KB is at least 400km away so Repin decided to share the drive with Wan. He took the first shift and we drove slowly along the coast passing serene looking fishing villages, small towns and by 12.30pm we had reached the outskirts of Kuala Terengganu. Earlier we had stopped for a bit of a snack of keropok lekor (a fish sausage made with fish and flour) and eaten with a sweet and spicy chill sauce. The ones sold along the roadside seems better than the ones we buy at home, maybe because its freshly made on the spot and fried then and there. 

We also stopped for some pictures along the way. This coastal road is really picturesque with lots of photo opportunities. 

Wan and Repin at one of the beaches we passed by

a fishing village

We stopped for prayers at one of the masjid in Kuala Terengganu and then stopped for lunch at a restaurant nearby where they sold nasi campur - rice with a mixture of fish, curry and vegetables. 
Then off we went again, this time with Wan doing the driving. This is a very unfamiliar road because none of us had ever driven to Kota Bahru recently. In fact Wan  had never ever been to Kota Bahru. This would be his first trip there. It's a pity that Emma could not come with us. It would have been more fun for Wan if his wife came along.

Anyway according to our guide/ gps WAZE we should be in KB by 7.30pm. However we made it there earlier by half an hour - we reached there by 7.00pm and was at the hotel by 7.30pm. 
Wan was very impressed by the hotel - it has a luxurious lobby with a definite age-old charm and an ambience. Palm trees decorated the entrance with liveried bell boys waiting to help us with our luggage. After the registration were taken care off we went up to our rooms to freshen up and then went back downstairs for dinner at the Chinese restaurant downstairs. That night we decided to have an early night and went back to our rooms although Wan decided he wanted to explore a bit. 

I had a bad experience though in this hotel and I vowed never again to use this place. The next day after we had explored the town and visited the museum, I decided to try out their spa and facial. I made an appoint for the evening just after dinner. Thinking that this was Kelantan ( where people are supposedly more religious) I left my handbag unguarded in the facial room. After my facial I went up to my room and since it was already 10.00 pm decided to sleep early since we were going home the next day. In the morning I opened my handbag to look for my necklace and locket which I had left in it during the facial. I was shocked to find that it wasn't there. Thinking that I had forgotten where I kept it I emptied the bag and looked in every pocket and zipped area but it wasn't anywhere in the bag. I knew then that it had been taken. So I went downstairs with hubby to reception and told them but they said the spa was not operated by the hotel but was a private enterprise. They gave me the owner's name and number however and I called the owner and explained the problem. But even though she sympathised and made apologetic noises she maintained that her staff were all above suspicion and very trustworthy. If they were trustworthy how did my chain go missing? So that's it - never again will I go there! 

30 Aug 2014

Our East coast road trip

This trip had been planned by Repin since last year when he first got the Exora. In fact one of the reasons he wanted to go to the East Coast was because he wanted to test the car. When Yati went back to Indonesia and was detained at Surabaya Airport, we thought - there goes our trip!  But luckily she managed to come back in time for us to still drive there, although we had to cut short the trip by one day.

So here we are in Cherating at last! We started out a bit late yesterday because we wanted to send Sarah and Neville to Sentral for their express bus yo Singapore. Then drove up to KL to leave Saru's food and finally picked Wan from his house in Ampang. However in spite of delays, we arrived in Cherating at 3.00 pm- just in time to check in.

It wasn't a bright and sunny day but the sea was beautifully calm, the breeze welcoming and cool to the senses and we had a pleasant tea break on the beach. That night we decided to try out the firefly watching which was on the River Cherating and run by a passionate nature lover, Hafiz, who originally came from Myanmar. He gave a short talk on the habits of fireflies and how we have to conserve it's natural environment, ie the mangrove swamps where they are found.

The boat ride to see the fireflies cost only RM25 per person but I think it was really worth it. The night was dark and at first a bit eerie but I enjoyed the breeze. There were about 15 people on each boat and 3 boats all together. At first we could not see anything but slowly as our eyes got used to the dark we saw tiny flickering lights. At first, just a few then there were dozens of them everywhere- mostly nearer the water's edge, just above the shore. Hafiz had mentioned that bright lights frightened them or kills them so nobody was allowed to take pictures. Even a small light from our phones could distract and confuse them according to Hafiz. And since light is their means of communication to each other especially when they want to mate, by flashing lights at them we would essentially be blocking them from mating and thus indirectly cause them to slowly disappear, which was what had happened in Kuala Selangor. Today there are so few fireflies there tourists no longer visit the place anymore. Also according to Hafiz, they are very susceptible to water pollution. If the rivers are polluted, the mangroves too will die and this too will endanger the fireflies. So he and his team will clean the river every once in a while- collecting plastics, tins and other rubbish thrown by careless people, to make sure the environment is clean.

At one point the mangroves looked like a fairy land- with the tiny flickering lights on the trees and they were so friendly these fireflies even flew down to our boats and landed on our hands and clothes. I felt awed and fascinated by these beautiful lighted creatures and was so glad we made a point of coming here to see them.