7 Jun 2015

A trip to Bandung, Indonesia

On the 26th March, Repin and I were off to Bandung by Air Asia. This trip had been planned since last year- in late August when Air Asia had a sale. We only paid for the flight over, the return flight was free! And we were supposed to celebrate Repin's birthday there. Anyway we arrived in Bandung in the late evening - our flight had been delayed by almost an hour in Kuala Lumpur so instead of arriving at 4.40 as scheduled we arrived at 5.40 pm. After checking in we decided to eat dinner at the hotel instead and have an early night, rather than go out. Pak Rosikin was supposed to come the next day anyway. 

The weather in Bandung at this time of year is cool but slightly wet. According to the driver it has been raining almost everyday this past week but mainly drizzles. I hope it does not rain while we are here. 
Dinner was simple but delicious. I had fried noodles while Repin had a soup ( ox tail soup) with rice and vegetables. That night we went to bed fairly early - around 9.30 pm and woke up the next day at 4 am for the early morning prayers. 

The next day Wan and Emma arrived. We went to the airport to get them and then had breakfast at the coffee shop nearby. Good breakfast with pancakes and scrambled eggs, just the way we liked it. After checking in Emma and I decided to go the the Pasar Baru first for some shopping, then off we went to a few places for sight seeing. Rosikin told us about this nice place for families - where we can eat and relax. It was on the way to the Daun which is on the way to the mountains so we went there first. 


It's a man made lake with a lovely garden around it and beside it one can see all the various plants which are found in the area. There is also a kind of herb garden with lots of herbs growing  and even vegetables such as tomatoes, peas, cabbages, kailan etc
Later we went to the Daun, a restaurant that specialises in local delicacies set amidst lush greenery, complete with man made streams and even a waterfall. This is a popular place for both locals and visitors and one has to book in advance in order to eat here. Unfortunately for us it rained while we were there, and spoiled the view for us. But luckily, as always the food did not disappoint. 


9 Mar 2015

A nasty experience with online games

Have you ever had somebody stealing and playing your game? . I'm talking of online games - such as Farm Story, Hay Day etc. These are the two games that I play and have been playing for some time. While playing Farm Story I made a number of good friends from US , The UK and also from China. Even though I have stopped playing Farm Story I still keep in touch with these friends I had made in the game. 

Hay Day is another of these games - it's more challenging and fun especially once you are in a neighbourhood. Apart from actually 'planting, harvesting and making use of our produce' we can chat and enjoy ourselves with the people in our neighbourhood. But one day recently my farm was hijacked and all my produce that I had accumulated  were stolen. It was the scariest moment - like your identity had been stolen. In fact since the game used our FB address, it is stealing our identity. I quickly changed my password but the hacker still could get in. All my coins were used up to buy things which were then transplanted to his farm. How did he manage to do this? It was my own fault - sheer carelessness. He came in the guise of an Fb friend and wanted me to add him as a friend. Like a fool I added him and when he asked me to go to a certain website ( to move to higher levels faster) I did. The website asked for my password and like the gullible fool that I was i filled in the password without a second thought. Immediately however I realised my mistake but it was already too late
. Within seconds he had my password and accessed my farm. In front of my eyes I could see stuff in my barn being put on sale for the minimum  of coins. I felt helpless and angry. I switched off my tablet and proceeded to delete the account. However it was too late because in half an hour he had sold everything I had in my barn- things that had taken me months of playing. And if that is not enough he even passed my farm to some friends of his! I felt violated. I changed all my passwords and even my id. But to no avail. Right now I feel like a fugitive  - running from group to group hoping he cannot find me.