25 Dec 2015

Kylemore Abbey

This beautiful picture as taken at the he roadside. The man was selling some stuff and he had his pets with him- 2 or 3 cats, a dog and a lamb! 

Kylemore Abbey is in the background. 

The beautiful Victorian Gardens at the Abbey 


12 Nov 2015

Ireland - from Dublin on to County Kildare and Galway

3 October 2015

Being on a tour means your time isn't your own. Granted in this way we could see a lot more of a country than we otherwise would. The Globus tour is actually one of the best there is. This particular tour for example would be partially active but not as hectic as many tours are. Today which is our 2nd day we would be visiting an Irish Stud Farm in County Kildare. Ireland is famous for breeding race horses and this farm is also a show house for Irish race horse breeding. We arrived at the farm around 9 am and were greeted by two ladies who would take us around  and answer any questions pertaining to the farm. 
It's a beautiful farm - very beautifully landscaped with lots of trees around the paddocks, lakes and gardens. The horses were healthy looking and were kept mainly for breeding purposes. Sometimes horse breeders from as far as Australia, Japan and even Bahrain would send their mares here for breeding. Most of the horses were famous racers. 

After the horse farm we next stopped at Glendalough , an old town famous for its centuries old church and graveyard . We walked around looking at the stone architecture of this 11th century ruins of what once been a cathedral. Here too the scenery was stunning and peaceful. A small but deep looking brook wound along beneath the trees and there lots of other tourists too. We had lunch of quich and tea here. By 2 pm we were back on the bus going towards Connemara to visit an abbey . 

28 Oct 2015

Tour of Ireland (2015 Oct)

We landed in Dublin early in the morning of October  1st. A car was waiting Immediately after we left Immigration. We w ere taken to the Hilton Claremont, where we stayed for two nights. The hotel was within walking distance of the city centre and yet had a beautiful canal just opposite it. After a short rest we decided to go for a walk a long the canal. 
It was a lovely day - cool yet sunny. There was a slight breeze which made it a bit cooler but this was still early on Friday morning. Most people were going to work and there were some who were running or exercising too. I saw a young mother pushing her pram and walking along the canal. There were ducks swimming- it all seemed so tranquil and beautiful. 

We walked on towards the town but stopped half way when we saw a fish and chip shop. Buying some take away we decided to go back to our hotel. It was around 3.30 pm. The fish and chips would serve as our late lunch then.