17 Feb 2017

Little Arissa my darling grand daughter

It's more than a year now that Sarah has left us. The pain has not subsided, if it ever will. But life has to go on, especially now that we have her child to look after.  Looking after a tiny infant is not easy at our age, especially when the child is an orphan and has no mother to take over. After everything was over and Rizal as well as Wan and Emma had gone back to heir respective homes, Repin and myself were left with the baby so to say. Luckily for us Arissa is a fairly easy baby. In those early days she slept the whole time- nothing would wake her up. She didn't even cry for her milk - we had to wake her sometimes to get her to drink. Time flew and before we knew it she was already one month old, then she was 2 months and Repin and I had to go for our umrah. 
Fortunately for us my sisters Sabariah and Jasmine came over to look after the baby while we were on our umrah. Neville was around too - he would come back during the weekend and so it was all well taken care of. 

 Arissa at two weeks old

 Arissa at one month 

 Neville and Arissa ( 2 months) 

Our umrah was 12 days and while we were there we heard the sad news that my sister Laila, who had been in hospital since December 6 2015, had passed away. She had a brain tumor which was inoperable and finally after almost 2 months she too left us. Hardly 3 days after she died, another member of the Tahir clan, Imran, my nephew, had a bike accident. He too passed away that same day at the hospital. 

It did seem as if the Tahir clan was being severely  tested by the Almighty Allah SWT.  Life as we knew it had changed so much. 


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