31 Aug 2007

Malaysia's Independence day

Today Malaysia is 50 years old - so young compared to other major nations such as Britain, The US, France and so many other countries. But in spite of our youth we have done so much in a short time. I feel that our country has progressed in leaps and bounds and have escaped a lot of the mishaps that hamper other nations - such as disasters - both natural and political. Of course a lot more could have been done - for example we could have enforced the laws against the collection of leather back turtle eggs which are now almost extinct, we could have prevented the cutting of large areas of our forest reserves, we could have educated the people about saving the environment. Many of these laws are already in place but we dont really take them seriously. Lack of political will and the lackadaisical attitude of most Malaysian have contributed to that I think. We destroy our forests at random and kill our national treasures heartlessly. It is no wonder that today Pulau Tioman is losing its natural beauty and many of our reserves have been deforested.

Today, on Malaysia's 50th birthday I wish her peace and harmony for the next fifty years, I wish that our people would realise that we are indeed a great nation , that our various prime ministers have done their best to make this country a prosperous one. I wish that one day we do not have to fill in forms that delineate race and labels such as Malay, Indian and Chinese will cease to exist. And most of all I wish that the current corruption that is rampant in most government agencies is stopped. I wish you a very happy birthday, Malaysia.

28 Aug 2007


Yesterday Sara my youngest went back to Russia. I feel bereft and empty now that she has gone - the time we had always seem so short. This year we spent more time together because she had her practical in Malacca - at the GH there. We cooked together, watched silly movies and also spent whatever time we had going shopping or visiting my mother in law. I'm worried about her too - I know she's still with Neville - the Sarawak boy - but she doesn't say anything. I hoped shé'd confide in me but when I ask her she just says -its nothing. It makes me more worried. I just don't want her to be hurt ... or unhappy. Not that I don't like him - when I met him last year he seems like a nice boy. I just feel things will be difficult for them - mainly because of the different religions.

Some thoughts

Am in Malacca now - earlier had taken mother out of hospital and sent her back to Semabok. A few things are on my mind now - especially things that one of my friends commented about another. I know one of them is so ashamed of her old father she forbade the old man to participate in his granddaughter's wedding. That is such a sad and cruel thing to do. Sometimes I think people can be so cruel to their own parents - making them feel unwanted, dirty and hopeless. I hope my own children would never treat me that way - I'd rather die first than feel unwanted by my own children.

It rained earlier this morning but now the sky is a bright blue with patches of dark clouds on the horizon. This is what I love about Malacca - you can always see the sunshine even though it rains. I've just looked at the waterfall than Nan has repaired - he's even put some koi in. I did have some before but they all died a few months back. The water's clear now and he has even cleaned the pool for us. He put four koi - each about 3 inches in length . But I can't see the sucker fish I put in last week. Can't even see its dead body - it seems to have disappeared overnight.

26 Aug 2007

wedding anniversary

Sara managed to scan this photo of Repin and me taken at a restaurant during a wedding anniversary celebration. I think we both look so young and carefree. It seems like a long time ago when we had anniversary celebrations. Nowadays Repin is too busy to even remember my birthday. And then he only gives money. Sigh... I guess time changes a lot of things.
But I'm grateful that at least he still cares

24 Aug 2007

just thinking

Today I'm supposed to go to Kiran's wedding. Feel bad coz I can't go - for the second time. Mak is here in KL with us and she's not well so I don't like to leave her and go back to Malacca. Hope Ranjeet will understand. It's also another 4 days before Sara goes back to Russia. I'll miss her a lot... and although we've spent a lot of time together this holiday season I still feel its not enough. The time has passed so swiftly - It feels like she just came back yesterday and now she's going back already. She wanted cookies and lots of foodstuff but Repin and I are worried she may not get the things if we send too much foodstuff.

At times I feel so sad - especially when we all have a sumptuous family dinner and she's so far away. Knowing she has to cook herself after studying so hard also makes me feel bad. She's my youngest and yet right now I think she's facing the toughest time - what with the cold, being so far away and a foreign country which is so different from what she's used to.

18 Aug 2007

First College Ordeal

Its back to work again with my new teaching team - this time its a different objective and a bigger class. I've got 170 students - all from the First Residential College, UM. The first day I started with them was 4 August 2007, the first of many such Saturdays.

I did an ice breaker with them - getting them to introduce themselves and their friends. After that we tried a language game - something like Charades. Most students seem to enjoy themselves but a few came to me and say they didnt need the lesson.

16 Aug 2007

Chi Chi and Ginger - posing at sink?

Originally uploaded by repin

Chi Chi and GInger, my favourite cats. When this picture was taken they were probably a few months old - looks like they're guarding the sink?

12 Aug 2007

long and busy days

Its been a while since I last wrote. Too much going on and at the same time my heart is back home in Melaka - wondering what's happening to my plants, my roses my fish pond.
Last week it was the OUM convocation - only one day but a really busy day. First thing on Saturday 8 December we had to be at PWTC for the convo. But our day began even before that - we stayed at Legend and the evening before we were there at the hall looking at the preparations. The rehearsal started around 5.30pm. Datin seri Jeanne came around 5.40 pm, looking rushed and a bit tired. She wore a simple brownish top - kurong like with harem pants. It looks good on her I thought. The rehearsal went well and we all went back after 7pm.
The convocation started at 8.30 am the next day.
8 -12-2007
The convocation has a lot of pomp and glamour! For a new university, OUM does indeed follow a lot of traditions wghich I guess is good - it helps gives confidence, an identity and pride to its students. But for us who have to sit through it all, it can be pretty boring. Luckily it ended at around noon. Then there was lunch which Repin and I had to host. Not a bad bunch of people at our table - we had Dr Mahmood from Egypt, Datuk Panglima and his wife - one of the Meteor board members, the VC of the Open University, Indonesia and his wife and a couple from the UN University, Tokyo.

5 Aug 2007

Last day of class for group 13, UM may 2007

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It was a sad day for most of us when this picture was taken. I had taught before - mostly school girls - subjects such as English Literature and English Language. But teaching these 'kids' have been the most fun for me- they have taught me not to generalise, to lump people into categories. It was a month of relentless teaching - sure - but it was also a month of discovering what a lovely bunch of kids I have in these young people: Fuad with his long hair, Azizi with his shy smile and Azhar with his cheeky grin. It was a real satisfaction when by the end of the fifth week I could hear some of them speaking in English - however broken it is. WE even had a small class party to mark the occasion - this picture was taken on the second last day of class before they received their certificates.