24 Aug 2007

just thinking

Today I'm supposed to go to Kiran's wedding. Feel bad coz I can't go - for the second time. Mak is here in KL with us and she's not well so I don't like to leave her and go back to Malacca. Hope Ranjeet will understand. It's also another 4 days before Sara goes back to Russia. I'll miss her a lot... and although we've spent a lot of time together this holiday season I still feel its not enough. The time has passed so swiftly - It feels like she just came back yesterday and now she's going back already. She wanted cookies and lots of foodstuff but Repin and I are worried she may not get the things if we send too much foodstuff.

At times I feel so sad - especially when we all have a sumptuous family dinner and she's so far away. Knowing she has to cook herself after studying so hard also makes me feel bad. She's my youngest and yet right now I think she's facing the toughest time - what with the cold, being so far away and a foreign country which is so different from what she's used to.

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