28 Aug 2007

Some thoughts

Am in Malacca now - earlier had taken mother out of hospital and sent her back to Semabok. A few things are on my mind now - especially things that one of my friends commented about another. I know one of them is so ashamed of her old father she forbade the old man to participate in his granddaughter's wedding. That is such a sad and cruel thing to do. Sometimes I think people can be so cruel to their own parents - making them feel unwanted, dirty and hopeless. I hope my own children would never treat me that way - I'd rather die first than feel unwanted by my own children.

It rained earlier this morning but now the sky is a bright blue with patches of dark clouds on the horizon. This is what I love about Malacca - you can always see the sunshine even though it rains. I've just looked at the waterfall than Nan has repaired - he's even put some koi in. I did have some before but they all died a few months back. The water's clear now and he has even cleaned the pool for us. He put four koi - each about 3 inches in length . But I can't see the sucker fish I put in last week. Can't even see its dead body - it seems to have disappeared overnight.

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