5 Aug 2007

Last day of class for group 13, UM may 2007

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It was a sad day for most of us when this picture was taken. I had taught before - mostly school girls - subjects such as English Literature and English Language. But teaching these 'kids' have been the most fun for me- they have taught me not to generalise, to lump people into categories. It was a month of relentless teaching - sure - but it was also a month of discovering what a lovely bunch of kids I have in these young people: Fuad with his long hair, Azizi with his shy smile and Azhar with his cheeky grin. It was a real satisfaction when by the end of the fifth week I could hear some of them speaking in English - however broken it is. WE even had a small class party to mark the occasion - this picture was taken on the second last day of class before they received their certificates.

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