19 Apr 2007

Jakarta jaunt

Sometime in the last week of March we went to Jakarta. Was supposed to go with my sis-in -law but at the last minute she couldn't go and I ended up going with her brother instead. Stayed at her friend's house - Bu Lasteri. Beautifully decorated with antiques and traditional Javanese furniture, it is situated in a secluded place in Jakarta. The first two days were wasted days for us because we spent the time going to the airport on 2 wasted trips, going through the famous Jakarta jams and enduring Bu Lasteri's great driving skills. She drives like Michael Schumacher, only on roads full of cars and bicycles and trishaws. I think I held on to the car doors the whole time she was driving! My husband arrived on the 3rd day and we went to Bandung - again driven by Bu lasteri. You can imagine me holding on to the sides of the car for dear life.
This time around I didn't buy much in Bandung. I wasn't in any mood to buy. We got back to Jakarta quite late in the evening and Zul insisted we went to see Bu Lasteri's daughter's house. Of course it was beautiful - if you liked ornate carvings. This house is made of pure teak wood, even the doors and windows were made of teak and ornate carvings decorated the whole house, even the wooden beams in the centre of the house.