20 Apr 2005


I never realised how addicting blogging really is. Once I'm at the computer typing away or reading someone's blog, time does not exist anymore. Now I know how Repin feels when he is staring at his palm top or whatever. I get mad when he does it but now I have the computer all to myself - since Sara is busy watching tv and Shasha is in KL I can't seem to stop. It's kind of like having a journal, only its online. And if you're clever you can add all kinds of stuff to your jottings. I call mine jottings because that's what they are really - nothing organised. Just a mish mash of thoughts...
And to think when Sara first proposed I get my own blog I was so hesitant. Now I feel great.. putting in writing my thoughts, my opinions and ideas. Maybe its not as great as some of the other blogs I've seen and I don't always have time to sit and type away but its a marvellous way to pass some time, instead of reading a book or watch television.
I always loved to write and blogging gives me the outlet. How I wish we have internet in Melati though.

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