26 Apr 2008

my garden in Malacca

Its almost three weeks since I last saw Sophie - Its so long I'm sure she has forgotten her grandma by now. I do miss her toothy grin, her curious look when she is interested in something ... but most of all her enthusiasm for her food. In fact Pohling says she eats everything in sight - whatever she can get her hands on. Can't imagine it. Heard from Rizal that she's coughing - they took her to clinic this morning.

On the home front - we're in Malacca right now and my roses are all in bloom. Its amazing - even the ones I took from mother's backyard the other week are now in bloom and there are so many flowers. It's really good to see them now - they were so straggly and yellowish when I got them I wondered if they'd grow. But they obviously love the new environment. Well I did give them a lot of nutrients and plenty of good soil so I guess it worked. Just now bought two more roses - yellow this time. I hope they'll grow well too. I love roses - they're just so pretty and so feminine, if you see what I mean. Right now I've got two reds or more vermillion I'd say, one white, two yellow roses and two of which I still am not sure because they don't seem to be blooming. They look healthy though. Maybe they need more sun? But I'm not in Malacca so often I daren't put them in the sun as yet. Maybe once I'm back permanently I'll put them in the sun a bit more and less shade.

Gardening is a passion with me - it sort of relaxes me, takes out all the stress and also is good exercise for me. Just being in touch with the soil gives me pleasure , but roses delight me. I need to be careful though - can't carry the heavy stuff because of my torn ligament. Otherwise it's is really the best exercise there is and you get the benefit of having something beautiful growing after all your hard work is done.
But I really need to work on the pool next. Should get some nice fish and add more water plants.

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