3 Nov 2007

The fish pond

Home at last in Malacca. Its so sad really looking at my waterfall and the so-called fish pond. No more fishes inside - just a load of tadpoles! Some stupid frog managed to lay eggs in my pond and this morning when I looked there must have been hundreds of tadpoles inside it. There were so many tadpoles even the little guppies I put inside to ward of mosquitoes seem afraid. Sigh... I guess I have to empty the water and let it be empty until there comes a time when I can really stay put in this place and rear some beautiful koi. I really miss looking at them, especially in the morning when it comes time for feeding. Maybe I'll persuade Repin to get one or two to put in the pond. At least that way it wouldn't look so bare. A fish pond without fish is so sad.

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