1 Nov 2007

More Books

Now reading Jennifer Weiner - her early books were Little Earthquakes, In her Shoes and Good in Bed. I've read all three and find her quite engrossing and sometimes funny. She has an interesting outlook on life's little quirks and may be an entertaining read on days when you don't have much to do. The latest - Goodnight Nobody - is like the first one in a way. Its about young mother of three, Kate Klein, with no good husband trying to get a grip on her marriage whilst balancing her daily routine of sending children to school, watching her youngest at the playground and trying hard to keep husband Ben stay interested in the marriage. This at least until one day she stops over at her friend Kitty's and finds her dead - with a knife in her stomach. In spite of what the police chief said Kate decides to play detective and tries to find out more about the dead Kitty. She uncovers quite a lot of unpleasant things - not only about Kitty, but also about the nice , white picket fence neighbourhood she lives in. Hmmm... read the book if you want to know more! Reads abit like Desperate Housewives without the glamour.

Revisited my favourite romance writer - Nora Roberts. Have just read some of her newer novels, the last was Angel Falls. This is more like Northern Lights, one of her previous books or Blue Smoke. Lots of detective work and suspense. Somehow I prefer her older books such as the trilogy - Born in Fire, Born in Ice and Born in Shame. and the Chesapeake Bay Quartet. In these novels she shows the research that she has done on every aspect of the stories - the glass making business in Born In Fire and small town life in the Chesapeake bay stories about the Quinn brothers. The characters have greater depth, even the lesser characters. She has expanded into the realms of fantasy in her latest series - The Circle Trilogy : Morrigan's Cross, Dance of the Gods and Valley of Silence. Of course she can never beat Lord of the Rings in its depth and richness but for a starter I guess its ok.

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