19 Nov 2007

Nile Cruise

A cruise is a wonderful way to see a country,as well as get to know people. The Nile is more than 900 miles long and it traverses the whole length of Egypt. Its headwaters are actually in Sudan. Our cruise ship had sailed from Aswan, which is in the south of Egypt and is now going down to the northern end of the African continent, towards Luxor, which at one time was called Thebes, where we will disembark. The passengers are a mixed group. 27 of us are guests of the Academy while the rest are from different tour groups. I met a couple - newly weds - from Penang, Lim and his wife, Chin. There were also Germans, French, Dutch, Spanish, Greek and Italians. There was also a couple from Tunisia, newly married too and Professor Marzak and his wife, Husna from Morrocco. The guests from the Academy included the Lebanese ladies - Suzanne and Leila and two more I don't know. Then there were the Hungarians (4 of them), as well Tom and his friend Jaime Ortiz from Texas A&T. Puan Sri and I managed to talk to some of them, and realized that Jaime Ortiz whom we thought was proud was actually quite shy. Above centre is our good looking guide, Adil. Apart from the passengers, I love the cruise itself. The Nle is a beautiful river - green fields of cocoa, cotton or sugar cane can be seen on its banks and the river itself is teeming with wild life. We saw lots of birds, ducks or mallards and water buffaloes. Unfortunately (or fortunately) there werent any crocodiles to be seen.

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