11 May 2008

Mothers' Day

I know its only a commercial thing and as mothers' days go, more and more Malaysians are getting sucked into it. Shops advertised all kinds of goods for mothers - even supermarkets are doing their thing - advertising health products, beauty products and all kinds of packages for mothers. Well my children got together yesterday and took me out for dinner, albeit without two members of the family. It was supposed to be lunch at first because of Sophia but since I couldn't make lunch we had to do an early dinner. It was at the Curve, a really interesting concept in shopping at Sunway Damansara. This is only the second time I was here, the last time being two years ago, also at Rizal's invitation. Dinner was at this place called Itallianies - obviously a pasta joint. It was not bad though if hubby were here I'm sure he wouldn't have liked it. Still we had a good time, leaving after Sophia pulled her crank act - it was 7.30 pm anyway -and almost bedtime for our little princess. Must try to come here again - this time with Repin and hopefully Sarah.

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