9 May 2008


I'm looking after Sophia today since her mum has a director's board meeting. She's really growing up fast, becoming quite cheeky and also naughty. Now almost 10 months old, she can stand for a whole minute without support and will walk all around the sofa with support. She crawls pretty fast too and if I had to look after her alone as I did the other day I think I'd be exhausted by end of day. Today my maid came along, to take care of her for a while when I go to the university to collect some materials that Wendy asked me to collect.
When we arrived at Parkville she'd just had her bath and mom was dressing her with difficulty. This little one can squiggle like the proverbial eel. Its almost impossible to put on the cloth diaper on her so I normally use the disposables to be quick. She's a good eater too, not fussy like Rizal at that age. Pohling unlike many modern mums, cooks the food herself, for example rice porridge cooked with fish and vegetables or mashed potatoes. Sometimes our girl eats porridge cooked with bits of salmon, or little bits of chicken in them. Its really enjoyable just watching her eat and she is often quite impatient if you are slow. First she'll give a little Ehmm.. to show that she's waiting and if that doesn't work she'll give a very loud reminder that you are late. She enjoys finger foods and will bite (or suck) on it until it disappears - to keep her quiet her mum often gives her biscuits to hold as in pic.

Even though she's still so young I can see that she loves books and will spend a long time looking at pictures in her picture books. She also loves to listen to music, listening intently when you play her any song, sometimes rocking herself in time to the beat. She's quite easily entertained and is a happy child. I think Pohling is doing a good job of bringing up a healthy, happy baby. From what I can see Sophia is going to be as articulate and as intelligent as her parents.

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