23 May 2008

Teaching at UM

Its been two weeks now since I started teaching at UM. This time around its better coordinated and better organised, but somehow my feelings for this group are slightly different. I don't feel attached to them as I was with the other group. They are okay - quite likeable but quieter, maybe not as naughty, but not as much fun as the previous group. I can still see Azhar, the class "punk" and his cheeky grin, and hear his sometimes flirtatious innuedoes. But in spite of that I liked him as well as the other boys in the class. Last year at hari Raya quite a number of them sent me sms messages and even as late as last month I got an email from Veronica, one of the girls from last year's class. It gives you a nice feeling to know that these young people enjoy your lessons, still think of you and want to keep in touch. As was Siew Fong from my BBGS days and Caroline from SMJ days. I guess that's why people like me still remain in teaching. We really enjoy our work and when we get students who still write to us or keep in touch with us its a great feeling. I've always loved teaching and if I hadn't gone into the ministry to work in admin I wonder what would have happened. As Frost said in his poem -
The road not Taken :"Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference".
On Friday we had a speaker from CIMB - a Puan Hamidah Naziaddin. When I heard the name I expected someone oldish (in her forties perhaps) wearing a tudong and so on. I guess one must never make assumptions about people - or presumptions as the case maybe. Puan hamidah happened to be a sweet young thing, very elegantly attired in professional black jacket with white ruffled cuffs and pants. She had a lovely accent, standard with a touch of Malaysian and really pretty. I noticed a number of the boys sat up and took notice and everyone in the hall actually paid attention. It really matters I think whether the speaker is a pretty young lady or a middle aged one. But what she said also made a lot of sense and very practical and down to earth. I'm sure the students listened to her and took notes.

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