6 May 2008

Lit Tuition

I spent the whole of yesterday researching some poets for Adila and Hannah's Lit tuition but today Adila called to say that they can't make it. Not that I'm not happy - who cares to drive 48 km there and another 48km back! If not for the fact that I feel I owe Yah for all the years she spent helping me raise my kids when I was in LA, I wouldn't take up the job. Adila is not the best of students - she can be quite irritating with her"couldn't care less" attitude. Her English is ok, and she can get an A if she takes herself more seriously. She didn't even pass up the assignment I gave her three weeks ago and neither did Hannah I guess, since they both had excuses when I asked for the work. How do I get it into their heads that English Lit is not a breeze? To get at least a B they have to read the texts and I know that they haven't read the whole of An Inspector calls. I don't have the time to sit and read it with them - all I can do is go through certain acts and point out the significant scenes and quotes.
Anyway I was quite happy surfing the net looking for notes on An Inspector Calls as well as the poets. Found an interesting blog by Robert Raymer the writer of the short story "Neighbors". Also found another SPM blog by someone named Bahiyah -bastion.blog or something like that. She has a blog on SPM Lit and I thought of taking a peek but its an 'invited guests only' blog. So can't access it. Actually I was also looking for the text of the poems we are doing because the photocopy that Hannah got from her teacher was very badly done and a lot of pages were blur. But I only managed to get the ones who are older. Its more difficult to get present days poets I think, as Hugo Williams is. Very interesting poet - he does have a sense of humour. I should get his travel book - All the time in the World. My other half would surely like that. He's been buying travel books lately - first How to write travel books, then a second one more recently - The Best travel Writing of 2007. He really into travel writing I notice.

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