16 May 2008

The queen of Jordan

Today Rania, Queen of Jordan came to UM and a convocation was held just for her. She was conferred an honorary degree - Doctorate in International Relations. She is really gorgeous - tall and slim, graceful and gracious. She looks simple yet I know a lot of hard work went into that simplicity, not to say a lot of dollars too. But she spoke well - if only half of our princesses spoke like that! Talked about the place of Muslim women to dispel the myth of the violent Muslim, also talked of how Malaysia has so much and is the quintessence of the modern Muslim country and how the other Muslim countries and Jordan in particular would like to be like us - the way we can live together sp peacefully and how we happen to be one of the few Muslim nations that is stable economically. Well, I like pretty much most of her speech and she looks like a million dollars and a model all in one makes it all the better.

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