5 May 2008

Family reunions

It seems like yesterday was family reunions day. We met Zaimah, my hubby's long lost adopted sister. She was marrying off her eldest daughter and wanted to get in touch with us. Her daughter googled Repin's name and found out about his blog. From there she sent a message to sarah's facebook and Sarah told us about it. The wonders of modern communication will never cease to astound me. So there we were finally meeting her after something like 10 years. There was so much to catch up on - her two older girls are now married and she has one more in Form 4. They all look like her, especially the eldest, who is also the prettiest. WE had a good chat with her mother, who couldn't remember me but did remember Repin.
After that we went to Puan Sri Hashimah's house coz Adik Is wanted to talk to his uncle. I had not seen her for almost a year I think. The last time was when I took her out for lunch at PJ Hilton sometime in may last year. That was a really long time. Rizal came over for lunch with his family and Sophia was very reluctant to be carried! Not surprising seeing that we hadn't seen her for at least 3 weeks. Babies do have very short memory spans I think. She can now walk with aid - holding on to the sides of the tables and pushing chairs around the house.

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