19 Jun 2008

UM English class

I finally saw the video that Wan did of my pre -employment class - the last class assignment when they had to simulate an interview and a meeting. It was quite good - imagine that this was the group which was shy and would not open their mouth at first.

This present group is naughtier and more active in a way but the other was more reliable. I like them all however. On Saturday they're going to sing "All my love" by Westlife and its a pleasure watching them practising - so enthusiastically. Like most teenagers they enjoy singing and jazz chants. But you can't be singing all the time can you? So lessons on verbs and tenses and prepositions have to be injected, interspersed by more singing!

Today SKET showed a CD of Pride and Prejudice - the one in which Kiera Knightley acted. However I didn't get to watch it coz I had a toothache. Went to see Jijah instead.

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