17 Jun 2008

Oil price hike

Just some thoughts on the oil price hike and how the opposition is using it to get some political mileage. There was some kind of protest during the weekend it seems. They held a rally in front of SOGO and also Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman. I think whoever thinks they are doing it out of concern for the citizens must really be blind. They're only using the oil price hike for their own political gains. It just goes to show how much they really care for the country.The oil price hike is a global problem. WE cant change the price here in Malaysia. Even a large oil producer like Brunei has increased its oil price and oil prices has gone up double the amount every else in the world. If Abdullah Badawi wanted to be popular among the citizens he could have reduced the oil price but he knew that it wasn't possible and that for the good of the nation, no matter what, he had to reduce the oil subsidies. In fact we have been cushioned from the harsh realities of life throughout our life - right from the 80s.
On another matter...
I find it really irritating that Lim Guan Eng keeps on harping about Petronas. Imagine what could happen if he were the PM! Will he abuse his priviledges as PM and would Petronas end up subsidising most of the govt's expenses? God knows! Its true that Petronas is a govt company but its also a company in its own right and should be independent of and from the govt. Otherwise how can it be run as a successful company? If they didn't have the freedom to run the company as a company, Petronas wouldn't be where it is today. And I know how hard they work, with both my son and the hubby working there at one time.
The Penang minister should stop looking out for all the things the previous govt did or did not do and just work on improving the state. I think he should just shut up and run the state - in his own way - whatever that is. Its 100 days and what has he achieved so far - besides complaining?

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