24 Jun 2008

Increasing cost of living

Here are some pictures of my little cutie pie. Isn't she adorable?
My UM class will be ending this Friday after which the hubby and I are going to Singapore to visit our grand daughter. Its been two weeks since we last saw her and I just hope she hasn't forgotten us and cries when she sees us. The last time she saw Repin she cried so much he could not even look at her. Poor hubby was very disappointed.

On CNN this evening it was reported that there are some 500,000 children in Indonesian orphanages but they were not orphans. Thier parents are still alive but are too poor to feed them. Hence the poor kids are sent off to state orphanages so that they are ensured of survival. Times are really desperate for the poor in Indonesia and I suppose elsewhere. Even here in Malaysia I"m sure there are a lot of people who are just barely surviving. Since the oil price increase, a lot of essential goods have also risen in price and I know that in my case, the grocery bill has gone up by at least 20%. You have to fork out so much more now to get so much less. I guess inflation is coming to stay. Even our roti canai costs more and two pieces of chicken costs me RM9.00 just now. (Cut chicken). The ordinary ikan kembong also costs RM 8.90 per kilo. Will the price of food go down? I'm not sure it will. I guess as some people said the other day we have to learn to like our vegies - after all its cheaper and its healthy. So why not? Its ok for me but the hubby is not a vegie fan - he'll only eat beans which are not really veggies. He says leafy veggies are for goats!

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