11 Jun 2008

Just another ordinary day

Had session until late night yesterday. Very very tired but I think the students were happy. But I really think the Orientation committee kids were great. If not for them, I think, Renu and I would have had a hard time. The kids organised everything for us. All we had to do in the end was sit and watch. We played a short game - something about walking across the hall creatively. I did it in class the first day and my class enjoyed it but with bigger groups we could ask thme to do in groups so it was more fun and we got to observe their teamwork and creativity at work.

Late yesterday evening I went to Rizal's place. They're here for a while or at least Pohling and Sophie are. My grand daughter has grown in the past month. She's smarter and know what she wants and asks for it. Recognises a few words for example "No" and Mamam which means eat. So if she wants food she'll just say mamam in a loud no nonsense voice and everyone knows she's hungry. Clever girl. Can also climb stairs but cant come down by herself. Pohling says she loves water - cries if she's taken out of her bath and recently when they took her to Bali, enjoyed playing on the beach so much, she refused to be taken in.

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