9 Jun 2008

OUM Family Day

The annual OUM family day was yesterday. They held it in Port Dickson, at a fairly new resort called Tiara Beach Resort. Its quite far from the usual group of beach resorts and fairly inland - more in Pasir Panjang than PD itself. WE had a difficult time locating it, especially at night and coming from KL. But people were waiting for us - Fendi, one of the committee members was on hand to help us and so when we arrived we went straight up to our suite.
The place was quite big - easily 10 blocks of apartments surrounding 4 or 5 giant pools. In fact the pools were so big they even resembled small lakes and they made it in such a way that some of the pools looked like a beach - with sand and sloping gently into the water. There are large palm trees around each pool, with hammocks for those who want to laze around. Some of the pools had giant slides, waterfalls and the baby pool area and a mini playground inside it, with a castle and a baby slide. I'm sure kids love it.
The family day started at 11.00 am on Saturday. Participants came from all over malaysia, including Sabah and Sarawak so this year's family day included the larger OUM family. In the afternoon, for lack of any activity, Pn Seri and I decided to go for a massage. It was quite painful let me tell you. We were pummelled and kneaded and pounded and pulled and stretched within an inch of our lives, I'll never go to a massage at a place I dont know ever again. I think parts of me ached so much I wish I hadn't gone for the massage. Anyway if you ever go to Tiara Beach Resort and think of trying the massage, then don't. Unless you love self torture.

Monday, 9 June 2008

End of one class and beginning of another. Today is the first day of the English Enhancement Programme with the 1st year students. I got a group of 25 kids, two of which could not speak nor understand English. During the interview I asked her what her hobbies were and she looked at me blankly and said "don't know". I said what are your interests and again she said dont know. So I gave up. Wonder what kind of students I have this time. I miss the pre-employment kids.

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