12 Jun 2008

English class

This is almost the end of the first week of my second class. This batch are the first years that we had previously. They're now going on to their second year. I've got a mixed group - some from Engineering faculty, and some from Econs and Social Science. I think the girls from social science have really poor English. The other day two girls from Barbara's class asked me the meaning of ' during" and "while." How do you explain such words except by translation?

The Engineering students are slightly better. Am at my wit's end trying to think of entertaining activities for every morning. Tomorrow, thank god they're watching a movie so we're not required to think of an activity. Today gave them a board game which is quite interesting. Maaybe next week I'll teach them I have a dream by ABBA. These kids are weaker in English and a few, not all have poor attitudes too. Especially the girls from Kelantan or am I prejudiced? Perhaps. But I find them very quiet and shy and they won't even mix with the others in games. They don't participate, instead they watch the others. Next activity I must make them all do something.
Had a bit of a misunderstanding about the computer labs. Wrongly labelled so I assumed I would get my previous lab but Datin and Barbara too said they were using the same lab. Finally asked SKET to settle it and they told me that I have to go to another lab in Econs Fac. This one is not accessible by car - right on topp of a hill and lots of steps so its lucky that its me and not barbara coz I think she wouldn't able to climb the numerous steep steps. I was lost for a few minutes too - my students had gone in and I couldn't find them. After much walking and ending up in all the wrong places I finally tracked them down.

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