2 Jun 2008

English class

How fast the time flies. By the end of this week I would have finished the month with my Pre-employment group. I can see that they are more confident in presentations and simulations but are still weak where grammar is concerned. I guess for that they'd have to read more, and we'd have to have at least six months of intensive English. I hope by now the kids are more confident when speaking in English. They've been groomed and polished and given soft skills, entrepreneural skills, exposed to EQ and SQ sessions apart from the intensive English they are doing now. I know from my own class that they have improved vastly. Even Afzan speaks English confidently now and they are all good in team activities.

Anyway we're ending this class by the end of this week and next week a new class will begin. Still not sure whether I want to continue. Rohani has also asked me whether I want to teach at Genting. Hers is a group of security guards - just conversational English. Should be interesting I think.
The class gave a really great presentation today. When I arrived this morning the boys were there looking smart in dark shirts and ties. I watched them practising their interview and it was good. I feel like a mother duck looking at her little ducklings successfully swim across a river. The feeling was great. They had practised so hard to and they did everything themselves. Then came a nice surprise - they gave me a surprise party! It was so sweet of them. There was KFC and lots of other goodies. The SKET team came and caught them on video. I also called Wan who brought our videocam and took a video of the whole process - the interview as well as the meeting. Ali was a great CEO - so confident and natural. He even joked and teased the other committee members! He's a great guy I think and will become somebody important one day I think. See pictures above of students doing group work.

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