15 Jun 2008

A bit of rest today

Mangrove trees

After a hectic week of teaching and preparing lessons, the family and I went to PD for a short break. Actually it was a Leisure Holiday thing, and knowing how badly managed Leisure Holiday places are, I almost didn't want to go. I agreed mainly because I didnt want to hurt the hubby's feelings. Also I guess I hoped that it would be better than we expected. Well... it was worse than we expected. The place was difficult to find - lost among some bushes and very well hidden amidst the brush and lallang. Wehad to stop at a petrol station to find out exactly where it was. There are no clear signposts and even once we arrived the lane was so narrow and dark it was a wonder we missed.

PD sunset

The condo itself is on the third floor - no elevators of course. So up we walked the four flights of stairs, with all our things. Inside. the hall light wasn't working, the tv wasn't working and the toilet was a disgrace. Shasha refused to go in unless it was urgent. Anyway I was so tired I just prayed and went to bed.

The next day, early in the morning we went out for breakfast at one of the stalls near the beach. Not a bad place after all - its next to the Petronas station. The roti canai was good though they could have improved the gravy. Anyway we were entertained by this old man who just came and sat at our table and started talking. He lived nearby he said and had 10 children and 5 grandchildren. Quite a story teller - he told us all kinds of stories about his past - how he was from the army and later came back to PD to work for Shell. Really an interesting man.

Played a game of BOGGLEs with the family. Repin refused to join at first but after watching us for some time, decided to join us. Shasha and Wan are really good at it and fast too. They won 6 out of 10 times that we played. Its a great game for boring afternoons. I won only twice. But its very addictive and challenging to create as many words as we can within 3 minutes. Reminds me of the spelling game I gave my kids.

In the evening we went for a walk on the beach. Rizal had said he wanted to join us for the day but when I called Pohling said they were still sleeping (at 11 am) so I told her not to come because it would be a waste of Rizal's time, and hers too. Anyway we had a good walk - watched the sunset and some people fishing near a man-made stone walkway on the beach. Got some lovely views of the beach too.

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