23 Feb 2008

Just thinking

Sometimes I just want to ramble on and on about so many things and nothing. Like today. I found a really funny email from Ak the great. And quoting Yeats' - The Second Coming no less. I think he's still as interesting as when we were in varsity. I laughed out loud about the part on growing old, putting on weight and having less hair... it's so him. I suppose we're all in that same boat moving on towards the horizon of old age. Only thing is some do it gracefully whilst some painfully try to retain their youth by doing all kinds of things - painting their face, injecting toxic materials into themselves, hitching up with younger and newer versions in the hope that it would brush off on them. It would be laughable if its not so pathetic too... I hope I'm not in that category anyway. I do try to look young but through the age old method of keeping healthy, exercising moderately and looking after myself as best I can. Oh yes, positive thinking is another way of keeping on the good side of the Battle of the Ages. My dad always said that a smile is never wasted - it makes people happy and in turn you feel happy because you see others happy. Another of his wisdoms is - Never talk bad about anybody - if you can't say something good about a person, don't say anything at all! Not a bad idea I think. You also don't get into hot soup if whatever you say turns out to be an untruth.
On the home front things have never been busier. I think I'm busier now that I'm retired than when I was working. Isn't that incredible? Will start teaching at IPB in March and also doing English Lit with Adila and her cousin Hannah. Theyr'e doing interesting books this year - Holes, Farenheit451 and Anita Desai's Feast. For the poems, Elizabeth Barett Browning and Yeats are also included apart from Wong Phui Nam (can't stand him!). What it boils to is that I'll have more work come March and yet I'll be travelling too. Going to Bangkok from 6 - 10 March. Really looking forward to visiting Chatoochat again. Must look for bargains!

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sarah said...

why you guys keep going to bangkok without me?? anyway, buy me pink things tau..