16 Feb 2008


Hah I'm back in home sweet home but only for a few hours. But even the few hours here is better than nothing. When I was younger I didn't want to go back to Melaka - there's always something to do in KL, somewhere to go. But now I take every opportunity to go home, because that's where my heart is nowadays. KL is just a place where I stay, Melaka is home. Even though we are in KL 6 days out of 7. CHi2 and Ginger are here too, rolling on the grass enjoying their freedom, like the humans. My other half is rolling on the bed but eyes wide open!!
Gardening has become a passion nowadays. My roses are blooming beautifully - I have 5 plants now. Took two from mother in law the other day and both are doing well.Only thing is I'm not here often enough so I dare not put in anymore fish in the pond. They might die - just as the others did before. I guess one must be around always to look after them.
Earlier had my "mengaji session" with Kak Ani. Am still at Al Baqarah but progressing. If I can only be here more often I'm sure I can finish faster but what to do? We lesser halves must always listen to the other half. Anyway I always enjoy my session with Kak Ani and I hope to one day read like her - melodiously. I can read - it's just that my sounds are not really correct at times - have to learn tajweed too.
She told me that election day is on 8th February. Are we in KL or Bangkok at that time? I think we would be in Bangkok still. Anyway let's keep it that way - I don't have to be guilty if I don't vote then. Still not sure if I want to vote.
Out in the United States there's been another student killing, this time in Illinois- Northern Illinois University and 6 students were killed. Hmm... when will they learn I wonder. The gun should be banned, but Bush did not want to.

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