7 Feb 2008


My other half was away for almost a week so I thought I'd have some time to catch up with my reading. Okay I did finish two books - Me and Mr Darcy and Everyone worth knowing. Both chick lit. I loved the first book - am a Jane Austen fan after all. Its about a book store manager, Emily and her infatuation with Mr Darcy. She thinks most of today's men are unreliable, crude and insensitive and has had a number of disastrous dates. When the book begins she is off all men. Then one day she mysteriously finds a brochure for a tour of Jane Austen country to meet Mr Darcy. Intrigued, Emily signs up for the tour and immediately departs for England. She meets a journalist who has been commissioned to write about the tour and interview the women to find out why they all love Mr Darcy. The first encounter between the two young people is not a good one and Emily, like Elizabeth in Pride and Prejudice is terribly biased against Spike. She finds him sloppy, loud and crude - like most men. And then she meets the real Mr Darcy - or is he real? Is he just a figment of her imagination? But she can touch him, talk to him and even go out on a picnic with him. Of course he cannot be compared to Spike. He is a gentleman, he is sensitive and romantic. He also is handsome, although a bit too brooding. But Emily is totally infatuated by this Mr Darcy she forgets a lot of things. Me and Mr Darcy is a very good read - lots of humour and Emily is as lively and intelligent as Elizabeth.
The other book is all right - Shasha bought it for me last month, but I guess I'll read it only if I don't have anything else to read. Still haven't finished reading the book on Prophet Mohammad by Tariq Ramadan. This one is more about his philosophy and the meaning of his life, not a biography like the earlier one that I read. There are some bits about the life of the Prophet (pbuh) too. A thoroughly researched book and surprisingly very easy to read.

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