9 Feb 2008


Actually there's nothing much to write about. I'm in Malacca over the CNY holidays and Repin is back with us after a week in the Maldives. He hates travelling and tries to avoid it as much as possible whereas I love it and wish I could travel more. BUt alas that takes money and since being retired have not really earned much in the way of income. Repin says I spend money as if there's no tomorrow - yeah, well if I die at least I'll die happy!
Here in Batu Berendam things are quite slow. Our neighbours have gone to KL - Norli wants to see her sisters for the Chinese New year. Rizal and Pohing too are with her parents and will be with them over the long weekend. I just finished planting my roses - they're doing quite well I must say. Sadly I'm not here often enough to give them a lot of TLC.
We've just finished watching the whole second season of Heroes. I think the first season was much better in terms of excitement and suspense. However the ending of this one is a real cliff hanger - Sylar is back with a vengeance and Adam Monroe aka Takezo Kensei is also alive. Yeah I know Hiro buried him alive in the coffin but I'm sure he'll come back. That's it - I wont say more.

Out in the world America is still having its presidential elections. Looks like Barrack Obama is leading the Democrats with Hilary a short step behind but the republican candidate (cant remember his name) is also quite popular. I really hope the Democrats win. I hope Hilary or Obama get to be President. High time they have a woman president I think.
In Pakistan they have finished investigating Bhutto's murder and they say its a bomb which killed her, not bullets. So there goes the the theory that it was a conspiracy and that she was killed by the pro government assasins. Anyway it could still be true, couldn't it?
Oh yeah, something interesting in the foreign news today - the Archbishop of Canterbury wants syariah law included in the legal system! Huh? What's happening here? I really dont understand his thinking. Anyway he was opposed by everyone...

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