15 Feb 2008

Friday at Rizal's place

Sophia is now almost 7 months old - she can crawl and sit properly and says mamamama when she wants something or when she's hurt or frightened. Strange how babies always say that- like its a conditioned reflex. Tomorrow she'll be exactly 7 months old. And she's getting more and more cute. Today she clapped her hands and even made twinkle twinkle little stars with me. She cried however when her aunt pressed the rubber duck and it made a loud squeaking sound. I think it scared her or something and had to be cuddled and carried before she would laugh again.

Out there in the world things are still a bit crazy - Sharlinie is still missing and its more than a month since she disappeared. I wonder what thay do with kids that age? Organ transplant donors? Sex slave? Whatever it doesn't bear thinking about and I just hope that's she safe. Last week there was this article in the papers about the japanese hunting whales - there was apicture of a mother minke whale and its calf in their death throes.Some Japanese whaler had harpooned them, reportedly in the name of scientific research. Bah! Bullshit. I think all Japanese whalers should be banned and we should also do something about a nation that is still willing to eat whale meat in spite of it being on the verge of extinction. I wish I could post a picture of it on my blog but I don't have to tech know-how. MUst learn to do it from Shasha.

Other news is that parliament was dissolved from yesterday, which means elections will be anytime now. I wonder if I'll go out and vote. Sometimes its just habit - we have been taught to be responsible so we go out and vote but there's nobody you really WANT to vote for. I think BN is getting too complacent and I dont like PKR. I might want to vote DAP even! Anyway I hope BN still wins the majority vote but I'd want the opposition to have a bigger voice this time around. A weak opposition is bad for us and almost like there's no opposition at all.
Bac in the States it looks like Obama is still leading by a fraction and Hillary is just behind but Mc Cain is really catching up. I hope the Democrats win there too! Its high time I think.

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