1 Feb 2008

some people call themselves human

Some people call themselves humans. I think they don't deserve to be called humans or even animals. I found the little ginger mixed persian today - half starved, dirty, and piteously thin. In fact its all skin and bones. I saw it a few weeks ago and even last week - but didnt take it because I thought it belonged to one of the neighbours. It did. But I dont think she deserved to have it. I fed it with the remainder of Chi'chi's lunch and it was so hungry it growled when it thought I was taking the empty plate away. After feeding it again with some dry food, half a bowl - a a small bowl of milk - it was trusting enough to le me pet it. The poor scrawny thing was really really skinny. And then I did a terrible thing. I took it inside and bathed it. Now its purring in the cage. I plan to take it back with me to KL - even though I already have 6 cats at home! Can't leave the poor thing to starve here. And it will starve, I know. When I first saw it it was still cute and furry, no doubt its head looked too big for its body.
I'm going to take it to the vet first thing on Saturday.
On another matter but close to this topic, is the video on Earthlings posted by my daughter in law on her blog. It was on u tube. Can't say I like it - didnt really see the whole thing - just the first bit and I already know I hate it. Anyway its something we all know - my husband says it happens all the time. Why do we watch it then? Just to remind us that people basically are cruel? I dont think it needs reminding - look at the little girls who are killed in malaysia - Nurin Jazlin and Premalatha I think. And we still dont know what has happened to Sharlinie. So why are we surprised about the way humans treat animals? I'm not surprised at anything anymore. We should see pictures of how some people eat monkeys in some restaurants. I heard it happened even here in Malaysia at one time. And the slaughtering of porpoises in Japan, the way fishermen slaughter sharks to get at their fins... oh so many other horrible things that we humans do in the name of food. NOt to mention sport - how they treat the animals that they use for sport. I think its worse in the Phillippines where cock fighting is still legal. They have banned it here but I suspect its still carried on in some of the more remote areas.
We have not progressed at all. In some ways we have regressed and become even worse than animals. At least when tigers kill, it is for food.

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