3 Mar 2008

Kota Bharu, Kelantan

My most recent visit to this charming town was just last week. Went there with the hubby for a function, his by the way coz I no longer have any "functions" to attend. It was on the occasion of the opening of the new OUM Learning Centre in KB. And KB is really like a town celebrating a carnival! Wish I had my camera but Shasha wanted it for her Blythe meeting which meant I couldn't take it. When we arrived at KB town from the airport it was already midnight but the town was all lit up and there were still a lot of people on the streets. There seems to be war of sorts going on - a flag war! Barisan Nasional flags and buntings as well as PAS' filled the areas between the lamposts, on the trees, lined all along the roads and even a long the river. So we passed areas of green flags, areas of blue flags and on occasion the blue and red flag of Keadilan or PKR. The election war is really on in Kelantan though according to our driver the "war" is a very gentlemanly type with both sides being gentlemanly and courteous! Ha ha! Unlike Terengganu it seems where the parties show their true colours.
Besides the elections. life was really a bustle in KB - from what I can see. Its no sleepy little hollow like we in the west coast seem to think. Even at night we can still see shoppers on the streets and in shops and you can see that the economy is not idle here. They even have GIANT Hypermart and TESCO. Well from the man on the street, what more do you want? So it does seem as if they don't really need to have BN?? And according to somebody at the hotel where I stayed, BN will have a hard time against PAS. Hmmm... I wonder.

On the second day of our stay we were taken to Rantau Panjang for a little bit of shopping> Didnt really know what to buy there - I don't need any more clothes and there really seem to be nothing much that I wanted so didn't really buy a lot of stuff. Just some kain pulicat for Repin and maybe our neighbours in Melaka.

Sunday - busy day for us. Repin's function started at 8.30am because the Minister had to leave by 9.30 for another function. I didnt go but went with Puan Sri to the market - Pasar Siti Khadija where we bought kaftans, some kain and some scarves. When we came back to the hotel Datin Sri Rosmah had just arrived. Wah she really is fat! Just short and fat and round! Hardly look like a TPM's wife. Maybe she needs to diet.

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