11 Mar 2008

The Tsunami Elections

When the elections were held in Malaysia we were still in Bangkok. We got news from friends and later on tv - BBC. The results were really shocking - I did expect BN to lose a few seats and for the DAP to win more than before, but these results were really catastrophic. BN lost 5 states in all, or actually 4 states because Kelantan was never BN's. But to lose Selangor - man, that was a real twist! I blame the corrupt councillors from Selangor state. And maybe even the MB. Well I guess its high time they realise what they are doing and how the people feel. In Penang and Perak too DAP won the majority for both parliament and state so the new MB will be from the opposition. They were sworn in yesterday. However there was a slight glitch from Perak. DAP didn't want the MB to be from PAS since they said PAS only won 6 seats and DAP won 18. Well, the constitution however does not provide for a non-Malay MB. And also MBs must be approved by the Sultan. Guess DAP didn't think the Sultan had any say. This one did have a say however and he didn't want a non-Malay MB. Not sure what will happen now - just hope things will be better!

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