10 Mar 2008

4th Day Bangkok

Well we're still in Bangkok today.Yesterday went to Chaktuchat or the Weekend Market. At first the girls didnt seem to be that interested about going there but once they were there, they didnt have enough time! One of the girls, Lillian bought so much she had to get an extra bag! Wow.
Chaktuchat is bigger and to me, seems to be better organised too. There are more places to sit, more cafes too. I wish I could have gone to the garden centre but even if we did go there my other half would never let me buy anything too big too carry. I did get some cushion covers, decorations and flowers. Also got some earrings for Sha sha and Sarah and my daughter in law. Wanted to get something for baby but the dresses here look cheap somehow. At the MBK plaza though they were quite expensive and Repin says to keep my money for Bandung. Yes that's another trip this month so have to keep. That's why I wanted to take up the teaching job at IPB but Rohani is making things a bit difficult with her talk of us using only materials prepared by them. I thought the modules are fine but we should also be allowed to use our own materials as we did when we were teaching at UM last year. I prefer that and it allows us to be creative too. I dont know, if she interferes too much I might give up. I can always get somebody to take over my place, I know.
Yesterday we passed the palace and I really think its so beautiful. I love the grounds anyway. We didnt go in, just passed by but from what I can see there are lots of green and the park is so huge. There's a moat all around it, with a fountain at every corner. I like the concept anyway.

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