8 Mar 2008

Third Day in Bangkok

I'm again left to my own devices in this place and feeling a bit bored. I've finished my work and sent the results to Rohani Hamid. Now I'm hoping to finish an hour or so at the pc. Tonight we hope to be able to go to Sukhumvit where Repin had his shirts tailored last time. We tried to go last night but I think we left it until too late and could not get a taxi there. All the taxis refused to take us to Sukhumvit so I guess today we have to try to go a little earlier.
Last night we went to Central Plaza where we had pizza. Well in a city where we find it difficult to find Muslim food what else can we do? So I guess pizza was better than nothing.
Today is Election day back in KL. We're getting news in trickles, either from the Internet or from Repin's colleagues. It seems that BN has lost a few states. Samy Vellu is out totally, losing so many votes to PKR. In Bangsar, Sharizat has also lost to Annuar's daughter
The rest of the OUM group had gone for the river cruise organised by the Secretariat of the conference. We could not go because Repin says my name is not included. Anyway I saw the river Chao Praya on the way to the Central Plaza - ots nothing much to look at. Though like all cruises they decorated the boat with bright lights and buntings and according to Rose, one of the OUM lecturers, she enjoyed the music. The food was nothing great.
Must go out soon to take some pictures - otherwise I'll have nothing to show for my Bangkok trip coz we didnt take a camera with us last time.

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