17 Mar 2008

Post election fever

The new MBs from most states were sworn in. Malacca and Johor however retain their MBs and so did Pahang and Negri. Penang's new MB is Lim Guan Eng from DAP and Selangor's is some guy called Khalid from PKR. The state will have two new Deputies though - one Indian and one Chinese. Let's hope these new people will inject some new ideas into improving the administration of the state. I also hope that they will stop immediately the destruction of Selangor's forest reserves. Melawati Hill is almost completely gone now - just row upon row of houses... And the zoo? Caught in the middle of an urban jungle. Can the new govt stop this?
What I don't like about DAP is Lim Kit Siang's arrogance and I would say, narrow-mindedness in many things, namely the appointment of the Perak MB. And then he had the cheek to say Petronas should help to finance the building of the second bridge to Penang. Hello, does he think Petronas belongs to him or even that it belongs to the opposition?
As for getting rid of the NEP, maybe, just maybe its high time anyway. I never liked the idea of giving anybody anything freely. The people of my generation grew up without the NEP, and we did ok without it. Nobody gave us any special treatment or anything - what we got we worked for. I believe that today's Malay need to realise this. This is the scholarship group - that special group of young Malays who were given scholarships to go overseas so easily, just because they were Malays. I'd say that a lot of today's young polticians are also from this group - the group of thirty somethings and early forties. They are the ones who are so used to getting it easily from the govt and now they say no more NEP? Who were the ones who benefitted from the NEP I wonder.
The new MB from Perak was sworn in yesterday - I think the same guy that the Sultan recommended. Nizar something. All in all it went ok - the post election euphoria is calming down but the stock market is still down. Not a lot we can do there - just wait and see.
On the American front, Obama is still leading slightly over Hillary but the Democrats have a number of setbacks generally. First Hillary makes a goof about some racial slurs and another Democrat congressman was caught with his pants down with a prostitute. Very bad press for the party as a whole. I still hope the Democrats will win the elections - don't want to see another Republican up there. I hope they give Obama a chance. If he does win, then it shows the American public has matured. Even if Hillary wins too... for that matter.

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