27 Sep 2010

Books Galore

Just imagine - I've run out of books to read! Finished all the ones I bought last month and right now I'm "revising" some that I'd read years ago. Which is one reason why I seldom borrow books from the library - I always want to re-read them. Pride and Prejudice, for example, I've read more times than I can say - what with using it as a text in school, teaching it when I became a teacher and re-reading it on my own just because I love it so much. Another one I've re-read more times than I can remember is Wuthering Heights. There is always something new to see or understand in that book. I've got so many favourites actually, even Anne of Green Gables is a favourite and I really don't mind reading it at least once more.

During the week prior to the Eid Holidays, there was a book sale at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre. I wasn't able to go because I was already in Melaka by then but Repin, my other half went and bought a whole box of books. Of course they were his favourite types, which were travelogues, books on travel and  books on countries. He already had 4 books on India, but he came home with 2 more - A History of India and Nine Lives. These were not really travel books but somewhat related. The one on the history of India is actually quite fascinating. Written in an easy style with lots of descriptive passages and interesting anecdotes, it's really very readable - reads like a documentary. 

Another book that I really enjoyed was Tahir Shah's  Sorcerer's Apprentice. No, this is not a fantasy - but neither is it a book documenting sorcery etc. Tahir Shah's style is always engaging and provocative with a lot of humour thrown in. Like many of his other travel books, this is a quest to understand the secrets of illusion and magic of Indian Saddoos. Beginning with his childhood in England, it takes him from England to India to the guardians of his great grandfather's tomb, to the temples of Kolkatta and Mumbai. Some of the adventures he goes through are quite bizarre but it gives us an insight into an India which is seldom seen by foreigners.


naida said...

Run out of books to read?
Sorcerer's Apprentice sounds like an interesting read. It does sound like your other half got some good reads.


Kat said...

Yes Naida but his favourite reading materials are mainly travelogues so either I have to like them too or do without reading for a few days. Luckily I like travel books too!